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Meet The Team

Bio: Team Members

Jovánna McLaren


Jovánna McLaren is the photographer of Jáe Productions. She has always enjoyed photography since she was a little girl but, it didn’t really turn into a love of hers until she began to take photos for the Army JROTC in 2014. In 2018 she decided to turn her love into a business. 


Jovánna offers event and outdoor photography for her clients but, she truly enjoys event photography. Jovánna views event photography as an avenue for on-lookers to live through events and for audiences to relive experiences, capturing moments that amplify ambiance and commemorate moments through mid-movement shots and stills.


Being a photographer never gets old! I find so much pleasure in making clients laugh at my corny jokes to ensure they are extremely comfortable. This makes for the best photos! 


I hope to receive the opportunity of working with you next! 

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